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Defects Management

Advanced defects management software
for housing associations & other property developers

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A problem shared is a problem solved - or is it?

Defects management forms a core part of any comprehensive housing stock management strategy. After all, if you don’t know you’ve got a problem, how can you fix it? But as with any project that involves multiple interested parties, getting people to accept ownership of a problem is only part of the solution.

You then need to accurately track peoples’ response to the problem over time – from initial report to formal closure – possibly flagging up key events to help expedite resolution, and all the while maintaining history files for progress monitoring and auditing purposes, and to provide performance feedback.

Many housing associations and other property developers still handle defects management by using an assortment of spreadsheets, emails, faxes and phone calls. Which is not exactly the best way of doing things in the 21st century.

A much more efficient, not to say smarter, strategy is to centralise the defect records on a web server, and to provide authorised staff and contractors with controlled access to only those records for which they are responsible, via standard web browsers on standard PCs.

Introducing BluTek's Advanced Defects Management software - a cornerstone of good housing stock management. Available as part of the BluBrik Suite, or as a standalone module.